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  • 신제품PCD chip beaker (UC)

    Productivity improved by resolving chip troubles

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  • 신제품cBN Chip breaker (GA,RA)

    Prevents chip tangled into the workpiece during machining

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  • 신제품DNC100

    Excellent wear resistance under high-speed cutting

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  • 신제품STER

    This is a collet where the range of synchronous errors can be minimized in high-speed tapping with common collet chuck.

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  • 신제품DCL

    Milling chuck equipped with anti-fallout feature for machining

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  • 신제품ER/L

    Designed to prevent the endmill from falling out

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  • 신제품DZC

    Calibrate of tool run-out (Max.0~2㎛)

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  • 신제품ROT(ISO 15,20,25)

    Various shank compatibility and wide lineup (Small measurement runout tester applying from ISO15 to ISO25)

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  • 신제품SAH

    Angular head for tight space

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  • 신제품DACT

    Light aluminum body that implements reliable machining even in small machines

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